What I'm doing now

This is my Now Page, which is updated regularly and gives you a glimpse into what I'm actually doing now. You should have one too. Last updated: April 2024.


👫 Settling into London after a recent move from San Francisco 

After more than 10 years in San Francisco, Sanket and I moved to London in February 2024! Sanket is Co-Founder and CTO of Fleek, and just closed their Series A. He's spent the first 2 years of the company's life managing teams across the UK and Asia remotely from SF — the 5am wake up calls and 11pm team meetings are finally coming to an end for him. We're settling in, and exploring our new town. Stoked for this new adventure.


✈️ Sitting on airplanes 

Brace yourself: In the first half of 2024, I'll be in Dubai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Kashmir, Copenhagen, Dublin, Barcelona, New York, and Orlando. A mix of work travel, weddings, and adventures to see friends and family. Pretty wild! 


🏘 Working on Condo Conversion in San Francisco

In 2021, Sanket and I along with 2 friends bought a duplex in San Francisco with the goal to convert the building into condos. It's been an incredible education on how city permitting and planning works. We're currently in the last year of the process — now that we're done with physical construction requirements, we're filing applications and new maps with the city, working with lawyers, and creating our Condo's HOA. 


💼 Starting new projects

I just can't help it. I recently signed on to help the team at Nory.ai crank into gear after raising their Series A from Accel. I'm also researching a few other projects across real estate and retail. 


🤙 Taking Hello Generalist to it's next phase

After a year of building Hello Generalist full-time, I'm passing the day to day off to an incredible team as I start new projects. They're kicking ass, and we continue to grow month over month. I continue to spend about 20 hours a week on HG — talking to our members and customers is a true joy for me. HG's mission is to bring more professional flexibility to the world, and help startups solve their hardest problems in the process; We're bootstrapped, profitable, and community driven. 


💜 Coaching Chiefs of Staff

I spend about 5 hours each week with incredible Chiefs of Staff inside fast growing startups. You can read more about what I do in the COS Coaching tab. This is an especially wonderful part of my life — I adore the people I get to coach, and am always looking to grow this practice.